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Sai T

Sai's Schedule
District Dive Thu May 23, 04:30PM
District Dive Thu May 30, 04:30PM
The Center Sun Jun 02, 01:00PM
I lived here for 10years and am the new manager for 4 Aces Poker League. I try to talk to everyone and try to help as much as I can.I try to be up to handle any issues or problems that are needed to be handled so hope to work with everyone and try to have a good time playing poker and all the other games we do. Meow meow >^v^<.

John C

John's Schedule I've been playing poker since I was ten. I'm still terrible as anyone who's played with me can attest to. So come play at my table and you'll at least be assured to beat the dealer.

James H

James's Schedule
Savoy Sat May 25, 01:00PM
The Center Sun May 26, 01:00PM
I grew up in Washington DC, left home at 15 and went to a high school 12 hours away in Calhoun, GA, spent a lot of time in Atlanta, went to college in Collegedale, TN, then moved to Florida. I started playing poker in January of 2011, got to know a lot of people and always had a good time. I was originally brought on as a dealer in mid-2011 and now I run and manage the league with Sai.

Jamar K

Jamar's Schedule
Savoy Wed May 22, 05:15PM
Savoy Wed May 29, 05:15PM

Henry P

Henry's Schedule

Brian D

Brian's Schedule
Savoy Tue May 28, 02:30PM

Anthony M

Anthony's Schedule Hey players! It's always a pleasure to welcome you to my table. I was born in NJ and grew up in South Florida. I joined 4Aces in October 2022 and have been playing ever since. I was intrigued by seeing a poker table at Savoy, and was encouraged to join. This was my first experience playing poker, and it has grown to become my favorite hobby. 4Aces has been my safe space and I am eager to make this a welcoming environment for all. I have aspirations of becoming a doctor, so tips help me fund my med school applications. I appreciate you playing with us, good luck and have fun!

Meet Your Backup Dealers

Will C

Will's Schedule

Trevor M

Trevor's Schedule

Tony G

Tony's Schedule

Steve F

Steve's Schedule

Shane C

Shane's Schedule

Sean K

Sean's Schedule I'm originally from Upstate, NY. I moved to FL in 2006. Moving here was difficult with not knowing anyone. In 2012, I found a poker league playing at Wyldes Bar and figured it was a good way to meet some new people, while learning more about poker. I started playing regularly at that time and going to all venues to support the owner of the league as well as the business'. I have met many wonderful people playing with 4 Aces and became a dealer in 2017. In May 2018, I got my first venue. I am very pleased with the way the league is headed and enjoy chatting with each and every player.

Sarah G

Sarah's Schedule

Quentin W

Quentin's Schedule

Patrick V

Patrick's Schedule

Nick T

Nick's Schedule

Mark P

Mark's Schedule

Kimberly B

Kimberly's Schedule

Kermit O

Kermit's Schedule

Karl D

Karl's Schedule

John L

John's Schedule

John T

John's Schedule

John D

John's Schedule

Jerry J

Jerry's Schedule

Jason C

Jason's Schedule I grew up in Providence Rhode Island and moved to Orlando in 1998. I have been part of this league since the day it started several years ago. I worked at Solar Dental Lab which I co owned.Since selling the Dental Lab I made a career change and went into Property Management where while it's a lot of work I really enjoy what I am doing . When I am not working any event's I enjoy spending time with friends family and my 2 dogs. The league and all the player's have become extended family to me. It's a great way to make new friends.

Eda Lynn G

Eda Lynn's Schedule An avid poker and player who enjoys meeting new people and making new friends.

Denny K

Denny's Schedule

Charles C

Charles's Schedule

Candace C

Candace's Schedule Hey everyone, I’m Candace and I occasionally back up deal when the lead and 1st back up aren’t available. I usually play at Matt’s and have dealt at Matt’s and Savoy.

Bryce H

Bryce's Schedule

Brendan R

Brendan's Schedule

Anthony R

Anthony's Schedule

Andy T

Andy's Schedule

Alex B

Alex's Schedule

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